45 Years [2015] BluRay 1080p

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45 Years [2015] BluRay 1080p Full Movie Free Download Torrent Synopsis 45 Years tells the story of the life of a married couple Kate Mercer (Charlotte Rampling) and Geof Mercer (Tom Courtenay) who have to live their lives long enough, they’ll be celebrating their wedding anniversary 45th year.

The journey of life with those who already feels romantic had to face great trials when Geoff Merce receive a letter. The letter from the woman’s first love Geoff were apparently found dead and had frozen layer of ice the Swiss Alps, and is still preserved because the forces of nature in the area.

A former Geoff who become the most beautiful for her ex. Kate saw it becomes aware that as long as they live a life together for nearly 45 years, Geoff still harbor feelings for another woman hard he had forgotten, he was curious about the other woman is in the heart Geof.

Film 45 Years kind of drama that is unique, exciting and become a favorite for me. Slightly different from my favorite romantic movie of all time, Amour despite a similarity in terms of players. 45 years presents a dark comedy about life in pairs. It’s hard to fully explain about this movie, which obviously became a best film in 2015.

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45 Years [2015] BluRay 1080p45 Years [2015] BluRay 1080p45 Years [2015] BluRay 1080p

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