Anarchy Parlor [2015] BluRay 720p

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The artist always make more than just a tattoo for the tourists and visitors who come to work for. In this film, Lasardo ‘the artist’ role as Lithuania, which specializes in tattoo of the wildness of the black world.
The film also takes place in a town in Vilnius Lithuania. In this film, there are two guest stars were indeed members of the world famous black tattoo horror.
It is not known what the reason of murder and cruel slaughter began, will certainly be very many events that make you sick with a cold act of the artist and his partner Uta (starring Sara Fabel).
Horror action in this movie is very real, even in my opinion, still more real than other horror movies. For you lovers of horror movies and splashes of blood everywhere, then the film Anarchy Parlor will be the selection of the best films for you this time.

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Anarchy Parlor [2015] BluRay 720pAnarchy Parlor [2015] BluRay 720pAnarchy Parlor [2015] BluRay 720p

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