Approaching the Unknown 2016

No comment 89 views ~ Approaching the Unknown 2016 1080p WEB-DL Full Movie Free Approaching the Unknown a result of the company movie film sizable (Vertical Entertainment and Paramount) will be enjoyed by lovers of Hollywood films in June. Genre film Sci-fi and thriller titled Approaching the Unknown is exactly already aired on June 3, 2016. The film hollywood this one theme spacewalks astronauts to Mars. There are no friends except madness himself and away from home. Can he survive the volatility of mind as it passes through space and time?
Outer space movie tells the story of an American aerospace company plans the union representing the Earth to create a new colony on Mars. All the needs and plans have been prepared, unless a volunteer astronauts to perform this mission, given that the mission is done is a one-way mission. Then instituted an experienced astronaut named William D. Stanaforth, and after consideration, Stanaforth was willing to do this trip.
Departures stanaforth be a great moment for the whole world. Many countries have witnessed and courage discussed everywhere, until finally the sacrifice and his work is no longer seen by anyone but himself. He’s been away from Earth, away from home. Not only that, Stanaforth damaged one of the systems in the aircraft while still on the way, until Stanaforth had to sacrifice his life for the sake of supporting the success of this mission. For more details, please download and witnessed the courage and sacrifice Stanaforth.

Screenshot Approaching the Unknown

Approaching the Unknown 2016Approaching the Unknown 2016Approaching the Unknown 2016

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