Baaghi (2016)

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Baaghi (2016) BluRay 720p x264 Full Movie Free Download Single Link New Movie 2016 | Indian film not only about love and comedy on film Baaghi this will certainly entertain you with a touch of the action. This film will take you into the bloody battle and the drama of love that became seasonings in this film. Starting from a young man who rebelled and fought inlet named Ronny (Tiger Shroff). He is known to have the same fighting skills with Ronny rebellious, sexy girl named Sia (Shraddha Kapoor) also has her fighting skills. Both are not expected to meet by chance in a train, get them to know each other and eventually landed love their hearts.
But it did not last long because of the presence of Raghav (Sudheer Babu), a dangerous man wealthy. He is eyeing a gorgeous Sia and intends to marry her. Sia’s father is dazzled by the money offered by Raghav approve the proposal. Knowing Sia and Ronny been dating make Sia father not lost my mind, he acted with injures himself and said that the perpetrators are Ronny and restore Sia’s ring that had been given to Ronny. It certainly makes Sia resentful and angry with Ronny. Ronny who know the lie was about to tell Sia but men throw Raghav Ronny to prison. Ronny and Sia eventually drop. They continued their life. Ronny sent to bergur in a school belonging to Guruswamy to control the soul rebels. For several Ronny must undergo mental education peace there. When a word heard up to Ronny that Sia kidnapped by Raghav and fled to Hong Kong. This makes Ronny furious and determined to save Sia. Will Ronny able to save Sia alone? Watch the bloody action in the film Ronny Baaghi.

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Baaghi (2016)Baaghi (2016)Baaghi (2016)

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