Boboiboy The Movie (2016)

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Who is familiar with BoBoiBoy baseball? Malaysian animated series was also aired in Indonesia is indeed very popular especially among children. This year BoBoi Boy turned into a movie that can be seen only in CGVBlitz and also Cinemaxx.

This movie tells the adventures of the first BoBoi Boy together with four of his friends, namely Yaya, Ying, Gopal and Fang who must save his friend from the gang Tengkotak Ochobot. Gang Tengkotak are hunters Authorization Sfera best in the universe and the power which he Sfera drill inside the body Klamkabot. If Ochobot Sfera Authorization is the ninth generation, the Sfera Authorization Klamkabot is the first generation to save a fierce strength. If abused by Bora Ra Tengkotak leader of the gang, could endanger the whole universe.

Stories BoBoiBoy The Movie is simply that the rescue mission but manages to pack into one interesting spectacle. Full of humor and action exciting fight. Friendly relations between BoBoi Boy with Ochobot also explored in detail.

Many hilarious scene-scene that will make the audience giggle when watching. The humor is not far from about the strange behavior of the Gopal, teacher Papazola hobby selfie plus wefie and Adu Du with Probe.

In addition Tengkotak gangs that are really tough, there are also other enemies in the form of animals that must be faced by BoBoiBoy et al. Well, the fight scenes in BoBoiBoy The Movie is intriguing and fascinating. All moves BoBoiBoy issued an all-out to confront Bora Ra who has the power stance Black Hole.

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Boboiboy The Movie (2016)Boboiboy The Movie (2016)Boboiboy The Movie (2016)

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