Home Alone 2 [1992] BluRay 1080p

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Home Alone 2: Lost In New York tells a beautiful Christmas disuatu when Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) and his family will go on vacation to Miami Florida. While at the airport Kevin separated from their families because of the state of the airport is so crowded, because it is very nervous and scared Kevin to follow a man who thought Kevin was his father, because he was wearing a cream-colored coat and used exactly like his father at that time. Premises of confidence for not knowing beforehand that it was his father, Kevin followed the man into the boat.
Kevin sat in a chair not far to the person who originally thought Kevin was her father. Kevin tried chatting journey and met a middle-aged man who was sitting beside him. Kevin told him that if Kevin and his family will be on vacation to Miami. However, how shocked Kevin after the man said that the plane was not heading to Miami instead of the plane will be heading to New York. Because Kevin is so do not believe he was trying to prove and to ask the man who originally he thought was his father’s. Kevin more surprised when he learned that the man was not his father. He had one of those and one of the best entry.
Kevin Arriving in New York, he did not think the length and less demanding on this issue. Kevin wants to enjoy a vacation in New York. Fortunately ditas brought Kevin containing money, credit cards and cameras belonging to his father. Kevin tried to find a hotel to stay, and are looking for some food to prop belly. Kevin calculated not as smooth as the hotel staff suspicious of Kevin, they intend to find out who the real Kevin.
On the other hand Kevin reunited with Harry (Joe Pesci) and Marv (Daniel Stern) a criminal ever arrested for Kevin who arrested them. It turned out that these criminals escape from prison. On the occasion of the criminals intend to Kevin revenge.
How Kevin struggles in New York? if Kevin would be safe from the pursuit of criminals who wanted to avenge him?

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Home Alone 2 [1992] BluRay 1080pHome Alone 2 [1992] BluRay 1080pHome Alone 2 [1992] BluRay 1080p

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