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Insurgent 2015 Full Movie BluRay 720p Free Download | Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) is on the run in the middle of the uprising along with two others, namely Caleb Prior and Peter. They were hunted by Jeanine Matthews (Kate Winslet), Erudite faction leader. When the fraction of Amity protection of peace, Jeanine forces came looking for the Divergent were considered dangerous, but holds the key to unlocking the secret message box’s future. Only pure Divergent able to do so. For that Jeanine arresting Divergent to unlock the secret message box that future, to countless divergent killed for failing in simulation.
Divergent Tris and Four are derived from fractions Dauntless face many trials in their escape. Start with treason Peter who defected to Jeanine to fight with people on the train logistics facsionless ended with Four is as sweet as the real leader sought by the Factionless in rebellion to Jeanine.
But the problem is still long, the pursuit of Divergent still do. Tris and Four this time asking for the assistance of Candor against Jeanine. But not easy. They have to do with honesty test serum injected painful. Four can be through the tests with ease, but not so with Tris. The choices covered past wanting to make pain. Only honesty that can be freed from the pain, and he says everything that adversely affects the friendship relationship with Christine. Christine is the brother Will, who forced her lover to kill.
Finally the Candorpun on their side.
Erudit the troops attacked and fired a suicide serum to suppress the rebels with a view to surrender Tris, the more gain time, a growing number of suicides. Tris certainly do not want that to happen. So when he surrendered to Jeanine.
Tris follow heavy simulation that allows him killed or managed to open the desired mailbox Jeanine. But not yet completed the simulation, Tris loss of consciousness, so Jeanine thought she died. Lucky when it will be removed, Tris sober.
Four and troops when it has no headquarters. Tris with the help of Four finish the last simulation in order to open the mailbox’s future. It was witnessed by Jeanine.
Riddle unanswered, assumptions that have said that the divergent dangerous is wrong. The future message explaining that the Divergent is precisely the solution to all the existing. Jeanine who hear this message ordered that the mailbox destroyed and killed Tris and Four, but factionless forces came and arrested Jeanine.
End of story all the people unite to build a new world led by Four and Tris.

Title : Insurgent
Genre : Adventure Movies
Size : 850 MB
Quality : BluRay 720p
Release : 20 March 2015

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