The Last King 2016

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The Last King (2016) BluRay 1080p 5.1CH x264 Full Movie Download | His film even if the same rating given imdb only 6.3, but for me this is the rating 9.0. Why do I call so because the origin of the film is derived from the Norwegian state is not familiar with the world of film so unexposed area but if you’ve seen this film the first part alone we would have fallen in love. It is about the love of two people of the Birkebeiner the death threat to the throne is still a baby this is the story of one of the best king ever owned by the Norwegian, who was named Hakoon Hakonson by title Hakoon IV of Norway, he was the son of the marriage of a King named Hakoon Sveressons with ordinary people named Inga of Varteig later because there is a conflict of two people in Norway are the Birkebeiner and Young Bagler finally Inga deposited in the farmers of the Birkebeiner named Torstein and Skjrevald the Bagler which supported Denmark eventually kill Hakoon Sveresons top help the king’s concubines and orchestrated by one of his confidant, who ended up with the turmoil it was also ultimately the kingdom was taken over by Gisle and imprison all those who do not obey him, including Inge Bardson entrusted by the king to pick up his son, who left at the farm of the Birkebeiner. It’s really remarkable film, the storyline comes from the true story of the kingdom of Norway in 1204 is told with a very slick. From this film we can see how the battle in the valley of snow Norway, romp with the sky between two people to kill each other. The most powerful of it is how the lifestyle of the Norwegian people’s future, as well as techniques to walk in the snow all support the strength of this film. It is a masterpiece, condition of the people of a country, its history, treachery in his time as well as their loyalty to the symbols of the king, the one thing that made an impression on the film is said to Skjrevold Torstein when his friend was near death.

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The Last King 2016The Last King 2016The Last King 2016

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