Walking with the Dead [2015] BluRay 1080p

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Walking with the Dead [2015] BluRay 1080p Full Movie Free Download The story begins by catching a criminal scene performed by a group of policemen in an area. The sheriff, Rick bullet one of the criminals and should be taken to the hospital. He coma and treated there. Told from the point of view of Rick, when he was in a coma, she could only stare at the ceiling hospital. Often, a colleague and best friend, Shane visit him, bringing flowers and engage her in conversation.
Until finally one day he was out of the coma, the last thing he remembered was the face of Shane who was talking to him. With the still semi-conscious state, he tried to call the nurse or doctor. There was no answer. Finally, he forced himself to get up, let go of all the hospital equipment that is still attached to him. And calling doctors and nurses, but there was no answer. He also realizes something is wrong, the last interest Shane bring located on his desk was already dried up and withered. He also forced a room and check out the situation. The atmosphere in the care of her outside the room is really a surprise, chaotic, desolate, empty, messy, blood everywhere, no one was there.
And the thing that surprised her was he heard a strange moans from a room that was chained in front of him. The room that reads “Do not Open, Dead Inside” and even then, kept in smashed from the inside, Rick tried to open it, he thought that someone locked up there. But every time he called him, the answer is simply wild moans that he did not know. He also left it.

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Walking with the Dead [2015] BluRay 1080pWalking with the Dead [2015] BluRay 1080pWalking with the Dead [2015] BluRay 1080p

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